Same scheme as DualSense controller and we’re having 2 editions.

Well, what can I say…Playstation 5 reveal event named as the “Future of Gaming” has finally ended and what really surprised me was the fact of Sony showing the Playstation 5 console design, one that seems like it would came straight from the future itself cloaked in a fancy Black and white colors in a tower form.

With two different models: With an Ultra Blue Ray HD and digital only, Sony has mentioned that it won’t affects the experience of playing the games on the console of your choice. The only difference will be the the way you play them.

Thus Sony keeps the same direction since Playstation 2 offering a camera and headsets as the typical peripherals as well as charging base coming along the new Playstation 5. By the moment no more info was given about their features nor prices of the consoles. We keep in tune for more upcoming information about packages and features.