Super Mario 64 PC port let us play at 4K

And is running in DirectX 12.

What started as a reverse engineer to the source code made by a fan group, it finished as a spectacular PC port of one of the most beloved Mario games to date.

Super Mario 64 port has been put online this past weekend and unlike PC emulators which imitate the conditions of the original N64 hardware, the DirectX 12-powered port allows players to run Mario 64 at far higher resolutions, such as native 4K or in ultra-widescreen mode.

As I always have said, the fan community it is really amazing and fully compromised to what they love. Even Nintendo hasn’t delivered to us a decent port of Super Mario 64 besides the one seen it on Nintendo WiiU. But if rumors are true, this year we could end seeing a big Mario compilation specifically for Switch.

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