GTA Online divided by two gangs, the Green and Purple Aliens

Either you choose or not, there will be troubles anyway!

What started as a meme, has now escalated quickly into a “Gang War” in GTA Online. At this moment, the game is being ruled by two factions: the green aliens and the purple aliens. Either you choose or not, there will be troubles anyway!


For any strange reason players has been fully dressing as green and purple aliens as well as gathering in gangs to kill not just players from the rival gang but also any other player who dares to cross in its path. Right now there’re lots of TikTok videos on Youtube about this intergalactic war.

The Men in Black now jumping into action

While not all the players supports this intergalactic gang war. Men in Black characters, seems to start spawning into action to take care about the current situation and take Los Santos back to normal.

Funny how all this unprecedented situation has become rapidly into a new trend inside GTA Online, situation that shows us how versatile and well designed is this mode from GTA V. Once again Rockstar proving they are a top notch video games company.